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Like a Prayer Foundation was created in memory of Sean Michael Rankin, an extraordinary person who impacted many people with his life and his spirit. He passed away on May 20, 2005, from Mesothelioma at the age of 28. Sean was a kind, gentle, generous and sincere person. He was a non-judgmental soul who treated everyone he would meet with love and respect. We lost Sean far too early and just two years after his own mother succumbed to cancer. It was a very tragic time for family and friends. 

Every year since his passing, his friends come together around the time of his birthday to keep his memory alive with a bonfire (one of Sean’s favorite things to do), music and a cookout. This annual event has come to be known as “Sean’s Bang”. During the 2014 Sean’s Bang, we decided we needed to do something bigger. Creating a fundraising concert was something that just seemed natural, which then led to the creation of this foundation. The name was chosen because of Sean’s love of music- especially Madonna and ‘Like a Prayer’ was one of his favorite songs. The purpose of our foundation was inspired by a wonderful gift that was given to Sean before his passing.

An anonymous individual donated an all-expense paid trip to Las Vegas to Sean, girlfriend Amy, brother Todd & friend Tim. Sean had never been to Las Vegas, had always wanted to go and ended up having the time of his life. We will always be thankful to the anonymous donor who gave us the opportunity to create amazing final memories with Sean. We know what that trip meant to Sean and to the rest of us, which is why we are here. We want to help give someone who is going through a similar situation unforgettable experiences with their loved ones because we know how important that time is. It’s something that you will hold on to forever.

-Amy Folletz, Founder